Aim and purpose of Cat Event


Our club Cat Event has the goal to promote the quality of a judge’s practice (advanced training), the exchange of information between judges and the organization of cat exhibitions.


The work of an international cat judge contains the judging of house- and pedigreed cats according to the currently valid (WCF) standards. Therefore we would like to realize the following by offering advanced training:

  • Judge’s seminars for judges with partial exams and judge’s pupils (priority on qualification for [further] categories)
  • Judge’s seminars for allbreed judges, judges with partial exams and judge’s pupils (main focus on qualification for new breeds and expanding knowledge on established breeds)
  • Genetics seminars
  • Seminars on cat healt
  • Training for presentation/handling of cats on exhibitions

Our club has also assigned to these tasks:

  • To host international cat exhibitions (mostly in combination with advanced training)
  • To encourage contacts between judges (events)
  • To work on and represent standards and guidelines regarding the work of a judge


Remark: If information on the homepage contradict the statutes, they are invalid. The statutes are always valid/binding.

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