Welcome to CatEvent!

 Cat Event is a union of international cat judges.

There are many clubs for cat breeders, but is there also a club for cat judges?

 Apart from common topics of cat breeders and judges, there are also many subjects, which are of special interest to judges.

 During exhibitions you can talk to each other, but it is always a coincidence of who meets whom and when. A continuous exchange is therefore impossible.


 With our club Cat Event we want to be responsive to the needs of cat judges. We especially care for advanced training. There is always something new to learn as there are more and more new breeds. This is also true: if some knowledge is wrong, it is important to simply “forget” it.

You are a breeder and are nevertheless interested in our club Cat Event?


Then you might want to become a sustaining member. The offer for seminars is public and can be attended by all interested parties.

We will also take care of an intensive exchange of information, events and club meetings. What are trends? Which breed is showing a progress, which is having problems? Which club is hosting great exhibitions?


Do you have similar questions or do you have answers to those mentioned before? Then please feel invited!

We are hosting international cat exhibitions, which we combine with seminars and trainings.


In an exceptional location, with a motivated team and a friendly atmosphere, every exhibition will become an unforgettable Cat-Event.

Additional highlights like e.g. special shows for veterans will add to the diversion of an exhibition. If you want you can also participate in a joint dinner on Saturdays, where we maintain contacts and sociality.


We would be happy if you use our offer! And if you like it, please recommend us further!


We are looking forward to meet you! 

Note: If only male or female form is used as designation, it is done for reason of better readability.

Both genders are being addressed.